How much asbestos exposure is harmful?

How much asbestos exposure is harmful? The early development of industries in 1800 made revolutions to human life. The era of modern life with machines and technologies were developing very rapidly until today. It all has been giving many advantages of human life. But unfortunately, actually at the same time, there were serious diseases that were started with the usage of machines and chemical substances. There are until today workers that can be affected with serious illnesses because of their high exposure of chemical substances and machines in the place they work. Worse, the bad effect does not come evidently at the same period of their work, but probably many years after that, when they are growing old or do not work anymore at the industry. One of the high exposures of chemical substances that can affect badly to people’s body is asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a kind of minerals that are in the form of microscopic fibers.

Unfortunately, not many people have knowledge on how much asbestos exposure is harmful. This should not only be on the knowledge of the workers, but also the industry owners. After 20 or 40 years of high exposure to asbestos, a worker can suffer from many diseases, like lung cancer and mesothelioma. Surely, they are serious diseases that have to be treated very well. People who are affected from asbestos and probably suffer from these diseases may experience many symptoms, like shortness of breath, blood coughing, weight loss, persistent chest pain, and many more. Besides, the family of the workers can also get affected to the same problems if the worker brings some of the materials home or if he wears the same clothes from work to home. Thus, everyone, especially those who work in some industries like ceiling, floor, and cement have to know how much asbestos exposure is harmful.